Red-Eared Sliders Wanted
    Fish pond owners often ask us what kind of turtles would be good to add to their fish ponds. Our answers always include red-eared sliders which are readily available in most locations, free red-eared sliders. There are also some people who feel compelled to help by taking in unwanted red-eared sliders while they seek to find permanent homes for them. Others give them homes. We want to help find more homes for red-eared sliders so we will now list people seeking red-eared sliders to adopt.

     Here is how this page will work. If you are willing to take in unwanted red-eared sliders, we will add your contact information to the list below. People in your area looking for a home for their red-eared sliders will contact you directly. The rest is up to you and the owner of the sliders.

     We will leave your contact information on the list indefinitely. You contact us when you want your name removed. You do not have to tell us when you take in turtles or how many you take in. We hope you will take in all healthy sliders until you have as many as you want. You may also be offered other species of turtles.

     If you have red-eared sliders and there is someone listed in your area, you should do what you are comfortable doing. Contact the person and ask questions if you need to. We suggest that you deliver the sliders and see where your sliders will be living. Do not ask for payment; this is a free service for your sliders. If the would be recipient refuses to take your healthy sliders, please let us know. Too many refusals and we will drop the listing.

     To be listed send us an email. Give us your city, state, first name, and email address. A telephone number is not necessary but we will list it if you provide it. We reserve the right to not list anyone we think is not sincere or too young. You may have your name removed and added to this list repeatedly whenever you are interested in adopting more red-eared sliders.

     Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Red-eared Sliders are wanted by the following:

Grayland, WA. Listed 7/22/2008. Contact David at 360-267-5521 or oceanacres@hotmail.com. David has a two acre pond for them.
Plainfield, IL. Listed 9/12/2008. Contact Ken at kennethholden@sbcglobal.net.
Duluth, MN. Listed 11/26/2008. Contact Rachel at daisybaytoday@gmail.com. Rachel is willing to pick up turtles in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Canadian, TX. Listed 12/23/2008. Contact Bob at 806-323-6025 or rrogers@yft.net.
Killeen, TX. Listed 4/16/2016. Contact Angela at 254-630-8922 or shehulk247@gmail.com.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Listed 1/24/2009. Contact Heather at hmfulton@gmail.com.
Fort Lauderdale, FL. Listed 6/8/2009. Contact Jerry at BAKERLOVE9@aol.com. Jerry has lots of outdoor space for them.
Tauranga, New Zealand. Listed 10/11/2011. Contact Ethan at etayle@hotmail.co.nz. Ethan is interested in all species of turtles.
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Listed 1/10/2012. Contact Allison and Kevin at 403-957-1285 or clicketysnap@gmail.com. Allison and Kevin are interested in adding some turtles to their family and also caring for turles while new homes for them are found.
Middletown, OH. Repeated 4/17/2016. Contact Russel at annrustym@fairpoint.net or 937-855-3777. Russell has land and ponds available in southwest Ohio for pond and land turtles including red-eared sliders.
Bruce, MS. Listed 1/5/2015. Contact Jennifer at janmay286@yahoo.com or 662-760-1352. Jennifer has one red-eared slider and is looking for another to keep her turtle compamy.

Email us atTurtleTails.com.

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